Looking Forward

This week for Open Learning ’18,  I’m to expound on these two questions…

  • What do you hope to get from Open Learning ’18?
  • What do you hope to contribute to Open Learning ’18?

Well shoot, if I knew that I probably wouldn’t be here.  Okay… breathe…  Just be honest…

What do I want to “get” from OL18?  Well… everything.  Am I asking too much? Of course I am, but it’s what I want.

I have found myself in a unique situation on my current campus.  I’m leading the Open Education Task Force for the administration and trying to generate discussion to see where we want to go as a campus.  While I know the basics of OER and how it functions, I have no real experience with it beyond my own teaching where I have “borrowed” ideas, activities, and in class materials for my own use.  I have had the great pleasure to work with some fabulous people who were always willing to collaborate and talk though how they did things so peers could benefit and adapt their idea for their own use.  When I started this is what you did as a good colleague, but I don’t think any of us saw it as OER, although essentially it was, it’s just moved online.  I know nothing about how librarians fit in, how web components fit in, how to generate excitement for OER, or how to garner support.  I’m essentially hoping to get some great ideas I can take forward on my campus in an area where I feel inept.

Contribution?  LOTS of questions.  I essentially feel brand new to this and I have quite a bit to learn.  I want to be effective on my campus, but I need more information, guidance, and expertise to feel comfortable in this arena.  So I’m going to be leaning on the MOOC to help me learn.  What I will give you, is a new voice to question how you got to where you are, what is good or bad about OER, and general inquisitiveness about anything you bring up.  I’m looking forward to the discussion.

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