Pacing myself

Ok… I did my very first tweeting today.

In the morning I played along with #DigitalGaurdiansEg Twitter Scavenger Hunt and that wasn’t so bad.  People posted pictures and other people guessed what the pictures were.  I didn’t get to the party until late, so for me the asynchronousity of it was an easy way for me to learn the ins and outs of replying and loving something.  I also got to learn the “tabs” for keeping up with content.

Then came the afternoon live tweeting with the #OpenLearning18 group… Oh my… I’m so out of my depth.   I felt unsure of what to do in the beginning and as we progressed I felt that I couldn’t keep up.  Understand… there were only like 8 of us, but it felt like 80 to this novice.  I muddled through and think I did well enough in the end.  I didn’t try an original post, but I did lots of replying and (to my mind) supportive commentary.

After the chat was over, I went back to the pre-syllabus, and remembered seeing Sue Erickson’s post about surviving and thriving.  I re-read it and bullet 4 struck like lighting.  I don’t have to be on every post, comment, or blog.  I get to choose, I’m not supposed to do everyting… Wow.

I know for some of you this will sound crazy, but for me this concept is profound.  It was recently commented by my co-worker that I don’t say no to anything I’m asked to do.   As a librarian and contentious employee, why would I say no to a request?  If it’s in my power to help, I help.  If it’s not, I find someone who can.  I have always been this way and it works for me.

So for me this translates to… As a student why would I not do all the work?  I have always been an overachiever who read the syllabus and some of the material before the first day of class.  I  tried to get assignments, readings, and homework done early.  I was that student in class that had the orderly binder of all the materials annotated a week before it was discussed.

In this setting, I have to teach myself not to do it all.  I need to remain flexible but focused so I don’t overwhelm myself.   I have to choose my path which may be the through the woods and not on the road everyone else is on.  And I have to learn that that’s okay.



Author: katquinnell

Audacious Atheneum Educationist

One thought on “Pacing myself”

  1. I absolutely love this post. You are finding your way–I’m glad I could help with that through the blog post(I’m a helping librarian, too, so I totally get what you are saying about our type!)–that post was really me, where you are now. I got through it and you will, too. You will learn so much about learning and about yourself on this journey. I can’t wait to hear more from you!


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