#OpenLearning19 has begun and I’m already shook…

YA’LL,  the Internet is ONLY 30 YEARS OLD!

I know right!… I’m having a hard time right now too.

But let’s get back on track… we were annotating Adulting for the Web as our first assignment.  I’m supposed to tell you how I chose the places where I left notes, did I leave more then one kind, and if so what kinds.

So for OpenLearning19 we use hypothes.is to annotate.  I used this last year and it was wonderful.  I comment to other peoples notes primarily and I used links where I thought appropriate.  I did try to use an image in hypothes.is, but it didn’t’ work so I linked instead.  Annotating this way leads to greater understanding and a place to ask questions for clarification.  It’s like blogging and chatting asynchronously on something someone else wrote.

Now… what did I learn from the blog post?..  The internet is younger than me and has had a much bigger impact on the world than I ever will.  And I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong it does a lot … but it is a tool… and like every other tool, it is only as useful as the user/operator.  And not enough people take the time to understand what it is and how it works to use it well.  I’m an advocate for education, but as an adult educator, many people don’t want to know how it works… They just want it to work.

The more dependent we become on our electronics to “do it” for us without the understanding or knowledge of how and why it works, the closer we come to Ray Bradbury’s dystopian Fahrenheit 451, where all information is given by the government and any knowledge outside of the given is punished and burned.

For a librarian/educator/truth seeker, that is a future I don’t want to live in.

And now I’m sad…


Author: katquinnell

Audacious Atheneum Educationist

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